Six Cities

The Six Cities (Now known as Leonara) were a loose confederation of five cities identified by their mutual farmland. Originally the various ancient City States warred and feuded with one another over the fertile farmland required to sustain their populations, all the while defending their borders against fierce adversaries on all sides. The wars that sprang up inevitably hurt any city involved however, as they weakened garrisons to put armies in the field their border defenses suffered. Their unprotected work force was enslaved or killed by raiders or monsters, and their resources were stolen. The farmlands themselves were trampled and farmers killed. Never was a war decisively won by any City.

Eventually the Prime-Speaker Granarth, elected half-elf ruler of Gaiapod, pursued a diplomatic course of action. Gathering the more level-headed representatives together from all five cities, he proposed the creation of an artificial sixth city. This city would be situated in the middle of the farmlands and run by a council composed of representatives from all five cities. This council would cater to the farmers’ needs and coordinate the Six Cities defenses, allowing the Cities to focus on defending their borders. The five cities rulers all eventually signed into the alliance, and the Six Cities Confederation was officially founded.

The alliance proved successful beyond even the wildest dreams of those involved in its creation. Not only were the Sixians more secure in their borders, but trade flourished. The sixth city came to be known as “ Spoke” or “the market city,” as traders quickly realized the profits to be made through inter-city trade, and Spoke’s central location made it the obvious center of the business. Besides simple trade goods; religion, technology, magical insights, fighting styles, and more were exchanged in Spoke. Greed and violence within the kingdom in the form of banditry and other lawless activity grew exponentially during this golden age for the Six Cities, but the prosperity and growth was even more impressive.

The Six Cities’ rising strength is often blamed for its downfall. The monstrous demon Talozad may have attacked randomly, or simply been attracted the prosperous confederacy for its unique successes, but many scholars believe that somewhere in the midst of the exciting trade of ideas an agent of the Infernals fooled an entire school of warlocks into tampering with demonic energy far beyond their experience. Regardless of his origins, Talozad and the massive destruction during the Liberation War abruptly ended the golden age of the Six Cities.

The Cities:

Spoke (Leo) – The Council City

Erdahome – The Stone City

Vaskalt – The Ice City

New Gaiapod – The Reborn Forest City

Solsune – City of the God-Corpse

Garmport – Golden City by the Sea

Six Cities

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