City of the Corpse-God.

Solsune is a city of intense religion and magic. Solsunites are defined by the worship and influence of their Corpse-God, Solfath. Whenever they’re offered a job or a promotion (or more often, demand one), they enter a sacred portal in their church. In the Portal realm, they face a series of tests to prove their worth. They emerge tattooed, and the tattoos indicate both the position they’ve earned and whether they have the potential to someday earn more. Any advancement requires a fresh journey through the Portal Realm.

The people of Solsune located their city at the heart of their Corpse-God, where they harvest its power for their great works. Legend says that the realm of Solsune was once rich in mundane soil and resources, but the energy unleashed by the death of their God imbued the land with magic even while rendering it a barren desert. Now, pockets of deeper magic dot the landscape, providing sustenance for mage-wrought towns and villages the way a well of water would provide for mundane desert oases.

The rulers are called “Royal Advisers” because that’s the highest tattoo anyone has received since the Liberation War… But technically there could one day be a King. A Civic Adviser typically goes to the Council of Leo, but in times of war a Military Adviser may be sent, or perhaps a Religious Adviser when the Astral Sea threatens or is threatened.

There are many types of advisers (Military, Religious, Civic, Magical, etc.) and they are all technically equal to one another. Their power is determined only by their individual influence. There are never many advisers; perhaps 10 or 15 at any given time. They rule by consensus.

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Solfath was a neutral God of knowledge, training, and skill mastery. Beyond that, Solfath encouraged the ambition to use such skills for a higher calling. Neither Solfath nor his empowered remains grant the tattoo version of a magical “green thumb” to any beggar hoping to grow sustenance… no, favor is granted only to someone who has shown significant talent. More favor, more power, is awarded to an ambitious individual. Perhaps one determined to grow an exotic and dangerous new plant because it will cure diseases… or make him filthy rich.

The culture of exceptionalism for the sake of exceptionalism pervades all strata of life in Solsune. It is common for all races and both genders to go topless in the desert, as their tattoos are their pride, and growing up in the desert magic protects them from the heat. Foreigners would be brutally burned in the hot sun, and therefor are easy to spot in Solsune.

Traditional Foes
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