Pre-War: (Coming)

The Liberation War: (Coming)


In the early years after the founding, Leonard was practically worshiped as a living legend. The rulers of the cities demanded that he take over as Emperor of Leonara, but Loenard knew in his heart that such an empire would never last. He accepted the honor of Council representative from Spoke, but found that in practice the job was too similar to his fear of empire. As the council continued to defer to him in every matter, Leonard worried that the precedent would be set that one man could somehow equally represent the entire nation. Leonard appointed a trusted noble blooded lieutenant of his from the wars to represent him at council, and attempted to step away from the position. The hero was unintentionally harassed to seclusion, disappearing completely before the gigantic statue of Leonard the Liberator was erected in the city of Spoke, which was renamed Leo as part of the statue’s dedication ceremony. No one is sure what happened to Leonard, though many tales are told of his supposed feats as he secretly wandered the land he saved.


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