Originally known as Six Cities, The country of Leonara was renamed in honor of the hero of the Liberation War, Leonard the Liberator. In the tradition of Six Cities before it, Leonara’s cities are loosely ruled from the central government, however each City largely operates independently under their own laws.

Unlike the pre-war Six Cities government however, the balance of power between the cities is not equal.

The city of Spoke previously held a council of five, with one representative from each of the other cities meeting on the neutral ground. Spoke became a bustling city in no time at all, with an entire populace composed of administrators, merchants and scholars blooming overnight… but the city was still small. When Spoke was rebuilt, it was also expanded immensely. The widespread destruction of the Six Cities and the displacement of their inhabitants forced many families to consider the previously undreamed of option of migration. Spoke became the natural destination of rich and poor alike. Most of the Guilds of Leonara relocated their headquarters to Spoke, and the city grew outside its walls by leaps and bounds before the walls were even fully rebuilt.

As the power of Spoke was immediately apparent to the new rulers of the Six Cities (for none of the original rulers had survived), it seemed to all that the central city was long overdue for representation on their council. Though the rulers had initially petitioned Leonard to rule as Emperor and been refused, they convinced him to assume the roll of Councilman from Spoke. Leonard’s personal power imparted a significant status difference to his position compared to the other councilmen and also made him the de facto ruler of the city of Spoke itself. Long after Leonard was gone and Spoke was renamed Leo in his honor, the office of Councilman from Leo and ruler of Leo remained melded as the most powerful position in Leonara.

Since the time of the founding, Leonara has recovered from the war and prospered. The army of Leonard, even without its leader, was a hardened veteran force that protected Leonara more than adequately while it’s neighbors tested its borders in the aftermath of Talozad’s occupation. The temples of Leonara were rebuilt most fervently in the aftermath of the war, and the guilds of Leonara rebuilt their industries while undergoing the restructuring of their gutted organization. Many guilds reformed with few surviving members, let alone leaders. Ambitious entrepreneurs and men determined to make their mark in the world usurped control of some of the most traditional and unchanging guilds.

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Leonara is a peaceful alliance of interdependent city states and towns. The rulers of the five cities are technically independent in any matter which does not involve the protection of their farmlands, but in reality they are indirectly ruled by the Councilman from Leo, currently Councilman Dreka. The title councilman stems from his position on the Council of Leonara, but he is also the ruler of Leo, the most powerful city.

Small towns and villages generally owe allegiance to a major City. The protection offered is generally worth the taxes, and technically a town that isn’t a vassal of a City is foreign territory that can be conquered by anyone

The Military

Each city is required to spend no more money on their own guards/armies than they give to the Inter-city Army, guaranteeing that the Leonaran army is at least as strong as every other city combined. The cities all maintain a police force, and some kind of elite force of specialists, and are content to allow the Inter-City Army to stay strong. The Inter-City army is currently divided into 18 Regiments that rotate between local defense forces (often required in such a dangerous world), some time off, and garrison forts along the Badlands Border. Each Regiment contains 1,000 soldiers.

Today, one full army, 6 Regiments strong, is deployed in the beleaguered Elder Empire, to assist Leonora’s ally in fighting a full scale invasion from the Badlands Orcs and Goblins.

The Cities:

Leo (Spoke) – The Market City

Erdahome – The Stone City

Vaskalt – The Ice City

New Gaiapod – The Forest City

Solsune – The Desert City

Garmport – The Port City


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