Guilds of Leonara

The Guilds of Leonara are an important part of the Leonarian economy and even day to day life. Most craftsmen learn their trade from their guild’s masters, and the careful preservation of guild secrets ensures that guild approved work maintains an expected level of quality throughout the land.

All of the guilds have a chapter house in Leo, which is also the operational headquarters for most. Young Leonarians seeking to master a craft often start their journey in the central city, though it is quite possible for an apprentice to reach Master Craftsman status without ever leaving their city of origin.

List of Major Guilds

(Guilds to be highlighted soon: Combatants’, Mages’, Thieves’, Scouts’, Assassins’, Traders’)

There are many more guilds throughout Leonara, both local and countrywide. The fact is that nearly every Leonarian worker belongs to one guild or another, and prefers life that way. There are, however, some that feel that the guilds place unnatural and unnecessary restrictions on personal independence and freedoms. The Stormaxe Clan is a leading example of independent Leonarians, and their mere existence is a constant annoyance to some powerful guilds.

Guilds of Leonara

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