The Stone City

Intelligent races have occupied the Glittering Valley for longer than any histories chronicle. Erdahome has expanded greatly around the ancient cities’ foundations, filling the valley to the brim and expanding underground as well. For Erdahome is a city with deep roots, and exists as a halfway point between the world above and the world below. Many of the villages and mining outposts among the Glittering Ramparts are connected to Erdahome via underground passageways, both rivers and tunnels. The high, thick walls lining the edge of the valley help keep the majority of the city in shadow throughout the day. The spires of the tallest towers reach out into the sunlight from the depths of the valley, and the intricate ancient stone carvings catch the sun and glitters to the delight of all.

In Erdahome, one can experience centuries of civilization simply by walking from one end of the city to the other. No one knows what races are responsible for the city center; the most ancient towers have possibly stood for millennia at this site, and the richest guilds and city officials claim the tallest and most aesthetically appealing of these sculpted dwellings. Human, Dragonborn, and many Dwarven empires have all left their marks in the architecture of the slowly expanding cityscape long before it was considered one of the Six Cities. Even the coming of Talozad was recorded clearly in the stone as the demon rampaged through. Erdahome only lost enough for Talozad to make an example, as the city of stone was simply too sturdy to waste time dismantling piece by piece. In the wake of the Liberation War a new profession has emerged for the masters of the stone masonry guild, historic reconstruction. The relatively few masters of this craft make a fine living for themselves off the rich Leonarians in Erdahome who seek to rebuild their ancient homes.

Hereditary Dwarven King. Appoints advisors, the councilor to Leo, etc.
The King rotates out various family members as leaders in the various areas of his Kingdom, including the Council at Leo. Top performers become Heirs to ensure the line stays strong – Eldest has never been the deciding factor.


Leonara Deathypoo